Additional Help & Resources For Those With Low Vision

If what we can provide through state-of-the art technology is not what you are seeking, here is a list of organizations that may be of further help to you.

National Resources

  • Sight Savers America -This organization serves more than 30,000 eligible children each year.  This organization coordinates comprehensive eye care services for children and provides vision aids to those with severely impaired vision.  These products and services are provided regardless of the ability of the child’s family to pay for them, ensuring that all eligible children have the products and services needed to see well enough to succeed in school and in life.
  • U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs – Veterans of the US Armed Forces who are legally blind or suffering from impaired vision can get assistance from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  They will help provide medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as connect you with resources to obtain products that will enhance and enable an independent lifestyle.  We all want to be independent, and as a veteran of our Armed Forces, you deserve to enjoy the country that you fought so hard for.
  • Enhanced Vision – Enhanced Vision is a leading developer of assistive technology for the visually impaired including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinitis Pigementosa and Diabetic Retinopathy. Low vision assistive technology enables people to read, write and fully participate in life.


Georgia Resources

  • Southeastern Guide Dogs – This heartwarming organization is one of the happiest places to visit and to volunteer! Not only do you get to spend time with a handful of playful pups, but you play a part in raising a fleet of seeing eye dogs to assist those with low vision.
  • Georgia Instructional Materials Center – This program provides braille and large print textbooks, core instructional materials and other publications for special education students who are blind or have visual impairment in Georgia’s public school system. The GIMC’s goal is to promote academic achievement and literacy by providing the right book at the right time.
  • Vision Rehabilitation Services– This organization is dedicated to assisting those who are blind or visually impaired so that they can function independently in life through practical tools and proven techniques. This may include comprehensive low-vision evaluations, instruction in daily living skills, safe travel, and training in magnification and speech software programs.
  • American Foundation For the Blind – For over 90 years, the American Foundation for the Blind has removed barriers, created solutions, and expanded possibilities so people with low vision could achieve their full potential. By promoting a healthy, independent lifestyle, broadening access to technology, and improving information to the professionals who work with the blind the AFB has helped well over 25 millions Americans.
  • Walton Options for Independent Living – Walton Options for Independent Living came out of a vision from the Director of Walton Rehabilitation Hospital to have available a continuum of services in the CSRA for persons with disabilities, which may begin with their entering a hospital or rehabilitation facility and ending with their living at home and independently in the community.  Walton Options incorporated in Georgia in September 1994. The agency is a non-profit 501(c)(3) and operates with a consumer-driven board of directors and a staff of whom over 51 percent are persons with significant disabilities.